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Securing Brand

How many times has a random person walked up to you and asked for 3, 4 and 5 figures or product and you just handed it to them? Very little to none Im assuming. Like we haven't established a relationship and you're asking me for what? That's how brands look at content creators when "we" randomly follow, and right off the start ask for "things".

Many brands want to see that we aren't just trying to "get from them" but be a fair benefit to the brand. 

Yes influencer marketing is gold right now, however we have to get in the mindset of relationship building.

What are some benefits of securing brand relationships? I will  give you two that should get you excited. 

1. Trust. When a brand trusts you and what you bring to the brand, it will open up more opportunities of you working with the brand and well paid compensation.

2. Longevity. When a brand sees that you are truly loyal to their company, many will offer you longevity contracts that will allow you to secure the bag.  In many cases with longevity comes exclusivity ($$$$$) and when you're working with a brand that requires exclusivity the PAY GOES UP!

How do you begin securing the relationship? 

I have attached my securing the brand relationship recipe that has allowed me to secure many brand paid partnerships over the last year as well as exclusivity in 2022 with under 10k followers.

I wanted to share what works for me, because I understand there is room for all of us to win.

click to download your Securing The Brand Relationship Template today.

Start this year getting those brands interested in you.

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