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Monday, September 26th Inspiration

Hey Galfriend,

It's the start of a new week and Im giving you homework.

This isn't ordinary homework babe, this is LIFE changing homework.

How many times have you heard a compliment from someone else and it felt good in the moment, however you started doubting the compliment instantly.

"We're gonna work on that sis!"

Compliments from others are cool, but how you speak to and view yourself is IMPORTANT.

So here's you're homework;

Today find a mirror. Look yourself in the eye in that mirror and in your most confident voice, tell yourself 5 things that you love about who you are.

Speak those things with CONFIDENCE. This is a moment for YOU to connect with yourself and Self validate YOU.

Once you really know who are and love yourself to the max, then sis there is NO STOPPING YOU!

Get in front of that mirror sis!


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